Making These 3 Public Liability Insurance Mistakes in Your Business? Work With a Business Insurance Broker

If your business activities involve the public, it is vital to take out public liability insurance. This cover reduces your business losses when clients demand compensation for injuries and damage they incur while on your premises.  But public liability covers differ from one insurer to another. For that reason, many business owners face hurdles when selecting suitable covers. This article looks at three mistakes you should avoid that involve a business insurance broker when taking a public liability insurance cover:  [Read More]

4 features to look for in a commercial property insurance policy

Property insurance is a common type of business insurance policy. It covers the physical space of your building or office against any damage and repair costs. It also covers the contents inside your building, including furniture, inventory, office equipment, client property and much more. In the event that your office or supplies are damaged, you can make a claim for compensation to reduce disruptions in your daily business tasks. But when shopping around for a policy, remember that not all insurance companies are the same. [Read More]

Trades Insurance: Do You Need Business Expense Cover?

Tradie insurance doesn't just involve covering your vehicle, tools and income — you can also extend your protection by adding more benefits to your coverage. For example, business policies can also cover your operating expenses. What is business expense insurance? Should you add it to your portfolio? What Is Business Expense Insurance? When you run your own business, the money you earn doesn't just give you an income; it also covers your regular operating costs. [Read More]

Business Property Insurance: How to Reduce the Gaps in Coverage

Commercial property insurance is critical for your business, whether you own the space or are leasing it from another party. This coverage will protect you from financial losses if your building sustains damage. For example, an accident, natural disaster or an act of violence can cause your commercial building to be unusable. If you are not well covered, you could end up in debt due to the high costs of repair. [Read More]